“Guys… let’s just go!” You whined, knowing Dean would be late as usual, needing your workout before RAW. Seth sighed and shook his head. “I don’t wanna look like a bad friend though…” He pouted. “Yeah, well, knowing Dean he’ll be there after the show..” Roman laughed a little and got into the cab. “Thank you!” You yelled at Roman, frustrated and getting in the back of the cab. Seth got in the back with you, pouting a bit. “Don’t be so moody, Linda.” He said as the driver drove off. “I’m not moody, Seth. I just want to train like we always do before RAW.” You smiled a little, placing your hand on his leg without even realising. Seth smirked a little and nodded. “You’ll get your workout, don’t worry.” Without you noticing he smirked at Roman in the mirror.


Once you got to the gym next to the arena you changed into your workout clothes quickly, going to the treadmill to warm up. Whilst you were running you watched Roman and Seth lifting weights, licking your lips at their arms. You realized they were talking about you but you couldn’t hear what they were saying from where you were at.


“Dude she’s totally checking us out…” Roman smirked. “I know right… Did you see her face back when we were in the car? She blushed at my comment about her ‘workout’.” Seth grinned evilly. Roman nodded along with Seth. “Hmm, it may be time we’ll give her that workout then… Before Dean arrives…” He laughed and walked over to you. “Hay, Linda, can you stop running for a bit?” He asked you. You frowned at Roman and saw Seth smirking behind him. You stopped the treadmill and got off. “Yeah?” You asked. Roman didn’t say anything though, he just picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, slapping your ass. “Get ready for your real workout, darling.” He laughed and walked past Seth, into the male locker room.


You blushed and looked at Seth, who still had that stupid grin on his face. You realized what they were up to and giggled, winking and blowing a kiss at Seth. Seth smirked and bit his lip, following. Once you got into their locker room Roman put you down on the bench, smirking. “We’ve seen the way you look at us, Linda.” Roman growled. “You have, hmm? What way is that then?” You giggled. “You want us. Badly.” Seth smirked, moving closer and pinning you down on the bench, kissing you deeply. You were a little surprised by his sudden action but kissed him back, pulling him down on top of you and holding him tight, horny for them.


Once Seth pulled back and you looked aside Roman was already standing next to you, naked, stroking himself till he was hard. Your eyes widened a little a his cock but then smirked, licking your lips. Roman walked closer and made you suck him. You opened your mouth and took him, sucking at his tip. You closed your eyes and took him as deep as you could without gagging. You felt Seth’s hands all over your body, undressing you. You were so wet for them, ready. As you sucked off Roman you felt Seth’s hands play with your boobs and pussy. “Oh… She’s so fucking wet, dude.” You heard Seth.


Roman pulled out of your mouth and looked at you. “You are, hmm?” He smirked. You nodded, chuckling. Roman got on the bench with you and slammed inside of you. “AH, FUCK!” You screamed at his size. Before you could say anything else Seth’s cock was already in your mouth. You gagged a little at first but soon relaxed and took both men, who were fucking you at the same pace. You moaned around Seth’s cock. Moans from all three filled the room and you had multiple orgasms already as Roman fucked you and Seth stroke your clit.


After a little bit Roman and Seth switched places, giving you little time to breath. They both fucked you again at the same pace, Seth now your sensitive pussy and Roman your mouth. You heard Seth grunting and then felt him fill you up, you moaned hard around Roman’s cock, making him come down your throat. You swallowed and he pulled out, making you pant hard and loud, your body spent. You were nearly unable to move from how good they had fucked you. Seth who was coming back to normal breathing laughed quietly and picked you up, carrying you into the shower and washing the both of you as Roman quickly showered in another cabin. Just when Roman was back in his clothes you heard someone else come in. “Roman!” You heard Dean’s voice. You looked up at Seth and blushed, you two had to come out of that shower together at one point…


— Ilja <3

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